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Natural Childbirth at Home

Homebirth Questions

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Why should I hire Susanne Scott, LM, CPM and have my baby at home?

Susanne will answer all of your questions upon initial consultation including, but not limited to:

How is labor handled in the home?
Is homebirth safe?
Are all women good candidates for homebirth?
What is the homebirth atmosphere like?
Do you use fetal monitoring?
What is considered active labor?
Will I be given medications?
Which positions for labor are used and what is most effective?
Will I get an episiotomy and stitches?
What if my baby goes into distress during labor?
Can my husband deliver the baby?
What will you do if the baby has the cord around it's neck, is not breathing?
Can we save the cord blood?
What if I am Rh negative?
Will I be tested for Group B Strep?
Can I deliver at home if I have had a VBAC?
What if my baby is breech or I am carrying twins?
What if I need a home to give birth in?
Will I have help learning how to breastfeed?
What should we do with the placenta?

  • You can prepare and practice prenatally for the work of labor and birth.
  • You will understand the processes involved with giving birth.
  • You will become familiar and skilled in comfort techniques that will help you endure the birthing process.
  • You have the option to transport to a hospital if interventions are medically necessary.
  • You will know your options and alternatives to make informed choices.